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The Power of Love

As we all know, the love is the strongest force in the world. Every men and women in their life felt the tickling feeling of butterflies in their stomach, felt flying between the clouds, or just couldn`t sleep at night, as Dr.Seuss said: because your reality is finally better than your dreams.

Sometimes love last forever sometime just fade away, but we always fight for her.

Love, trough the history has inspired people to create types of art: poems, paintings, song, plays, even war were fought for love. Some of them just went one step further; they built castles and temples for their love ones.

Here are the most amazing buildings built by people who deeply felt The Power of Love!!!

Boldt Castle

A wealthy hotelier and proprietor of famous Waldorf Astoria in New York City, George C. Boldt, wanted to tell his wife how much he loves and respects her, but he realized that no words can express his feelings, so he decided to build a castle in Alexandria Bay on the beautiful Hearth Island in Jefferson County.


For realization of his idea, over 300 hundred stone-cutters, masons, landscapers and other craftsmen were hired. The construction began in 1900 and according to his plan the castle was to be ready in 1905.

The Bold Castle

Boldt’s idea was to give this castle to his wife as a present on Valentine’s Day. But, in 1904 a terrible tragedy hit the Boldt family. The Love of his life died!

Interior of Boldt Castle

Boldt disappointed and brokenhearted ordered building of the castle to be stopped, he left the island and never returned back.

Hearts of Boldt Garden

Today, the island is famous tourist attraction and a popular place for weddings. A place where people are saying their wedding vows and commit themselves to Eternal Love.

Dobroyd Castle

This Castle is located in England,built above the Todmorden town in West Yorkshire.
As the legend says, John Fielden Jr. a rich industrialist fell in love with a local worker girl Ruth
, and asked her to marry him. She answered: I will merry you if you build me a Castle.”

Dobroyd Castle

Maybe it’s just a legend, but the castle was built in the middle of 19th century, and John and Ruth lived there.

Grand Staircase

But, over the years their love just faded away. Disappointed Ruth started to drink and became an alcoholic. She died only 8 years after the castle was built. Later, John got remarried and lived in the Castle until 1893, when he died.

Dobroyd Courtyard

Fielden family were owners of the castle, but it was rarely visited. In 1942 the family decided to sell the castle. Today, it stands above the village and remind us of one lost love.

Castello di Torrechiara

Castello di Torrechiara is famous massive castle built by Pier Maria II Rosi, count of San Secondo in the middle of 15th century.
This castle was built not only for defensive purpose, but also as a gift for Rosi’s lover, Bianca Pellegrini.


It`s one of the most visited monuments in Parma region in Northern Italy, known for its rectangular towers and its interior.
There are numerous rooms beautifully decorated, but the most famous is The Golden Chamber.

Benedetto Bembo

castello torrechiara

The Chamber is decorated with erotic scenes on the walls, which are the most beautiful painted erotic scenes in whole Italy.

castello-di-torrechiara- courtyard

Today, this Castle is the Host of Torrechiara Festival dedicated to Renata Tebaldi, a famous Italian soprano.

Leeds Castle known as Lady Castle

Leeds Castle is built on two small islands in the middle of large lake, in 12th century near Kent, England.
It was built as a massive Norman fortification.
During its turbulent history, Leeds Castle had many rulers, and at the end the castle got owned by the Royal Family.

Leeds Castle

The famous king Edward I started the tradition of giving the castle as a present to his two wives.

In the 13th century it was residence of King Edward II, as the historians says, the most romantic king that England ever had.

Wanting to show to his wife how much he loves her, he decided to give her the castle as a present.


If you are wondering why it is a Lady`s Castle, it is because the Castle was owned by six medieval England Queens: Queen Eleanor, Anne of Bohemia, Isabella of France, Joan of Navarre, Margaret of France and Catherine de Valois.

As we can see, love played a strong role in rich history of this Castle.
During the centuries the Castle changed its look, and from Defensive Castle became more and more romantic one.

The Castle is one of the most visited site in England, were open air concerts, or other gatherings are held.

Leeds Castle

Today, Leeds Castle Foundation runs the Leeds Castle, founded by Lady Baillie, its last female owner.

Kellie’s Castle

Scottish Civil Engineer William Kellie Smith was sent by his company to work in Malaysia. At the beginning, he didn’t even dream that this place will be his home to the end of his life. After making a fortune he decided to return back home and married the love of his life Agnes, and in 1903 he return with his wife to Malaysia, near Batu Gajah, were he built their love nest.

Kellies Castle

In 1915 his wife Agnes gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and William overwhelmed of joy decided to expand his castle. He immediately hired over 70 craftsmen and started with expansion of the Castle.
Than problems started to show up and the works on the castle were slowing down. At that time, Spanish flu spread among workers. Many of them died and other were scared and ran away.


William decided to build Hindu Temple to please his Indian workers. After this act, the workers returned back and restarted the construction.
After he took a short trip to Lisbon, Portugal he caught pneumonia and died at the age of 56. After his death his devastated wife took their son and returned to Scotland.

Room at Kellies Castle

Shortly after this event, the workers stopped the construction and fled, leaving the castle unfinished.
Nowadays, Kellie’s Castle is a popular tourist destination. The Castle was used for filming the scenes of the beautiful movie “Ana and the King”.

The Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, the magnificent monument representing a symbol of love, is made of white marble, located on the bank of Yamuna River in Agra District, Utter Pradesh in India.
A remarkable masterpiece of combined Indian, Islamic and Persian architectural styles built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in honor of his dead wife Mumtaz Mahal, Persian princes.


This princes was his third wife, and most loved one. She died after giving a birth of their 14th child.
Devastated and brokenhearted by his lost, he gave order: 2 years of mourning, and decided to build a Mausoleum, for the love of his life.
This Mausoleum became the most beautiful monument ever build by a man, for a women.
The construction of Taj Mahal started in 1632 and it took 21 year to be finished with more than 22.000 workers.


The Mausoleum was built with large dome and four standing minarets. Most impressive in this monument is the tomb of the princes made of white marble and placed on a square platform.

The Tombs at Taj Mahal

After the death of the Emperor Shah Jahan, his son Aurangzeb buried him right next to his wife in the Mausoleum.
o, after many years they were again together continuing their love in Paradise.

Prasat Hin Phimai in Phimai, Thailand

This extraordinary temple is located in Phimai which is township in the Nakhon Ratchasima Province, in northeast Thailand.
The temple is compared with Angkor Wat Temple.
These two temples have similar dimensions, but the Temple in Angkor is a huge man made mountain and the Temple in Phimai is placed on small platform few feet from the ground. Phimai sanctuary is a Buddhist temple and in Angkor Wat is a Hindu temple.

Phimai Temple

The construction of Prasat Hin Phimai is connected with a local legend telling about the great love between Pajitt and Orapima.

Pajitt was a Prince who decided to find the love of his love, so he traveled around the countryside. While traveling, Pajitt met a pregnant woman with a corona around her and he knew that this woman will give birth to his future wife.
So, he volunteered and stayed with this lady helping her in every day job. When her daughter Orapima turned 16, they felt madly in love. The prince decided to go to his father – the King of Bhrombana city to tell him very good news about his marriage with the beautiful girl. After returning from the trip he found out that his love was kidnapped by prince Bhramadhat, kumara of Benares.

Phimai Temple

Pajitt managed to kill Bhramadhat and recued his love. Escaping in the forest they stopped for a short brake, when a woodsman passed by them. He got obsessed by Orapima’s beauty and he killed Pajitt.
Later, Orapima killed the woodsman and returned to Phimai were she built this beautiful temple, sculpted and painted with scenes from her life with the prince Pajitt.
Here, she spent days mourning and praying to god for reincarnation of the spirit of her love.

Interior of the Temple

One day, a young man showed up in front of her marveling her sanctuary. In this young man she saw reincarnated spirit of her love Pajitt. They got married and lived happily ever after.

Well, maybe the story of this great love is only a legend, maybe it was different kind of love which inspired the builder to build this magnificent Temple, but it surely is talking about what The Power of Love can do.

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