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The most beautiful stairs in the world

The stairs “St. Maria del Monte” have 142 rungs and are located in the Sicilian city Caltagirone. They are decorated with various ceramic patterns, and during the spring and summer they are breathtaking because the citizens additionally are decorating them with flowers and lanterns.


The name of the city Caltagirone derives from the Arab language and it means “Castel from ceramic”. This city is long time known for its tradition of the potters and pottery. Their talent can be seen all over the city from the palaces and churches to the monuments and squares – everything is covered with ceramics.


The magic stairs are dating from 1608 and stand as a testimony of 1000 years tradition of the ceramics. This work of art joins the upper with the lower part of the city and its all covered with ceramics, and each rung has different design.

These stairs are major attraction in this Sicilian city where the citizens are celebrating their most important festivals. After two months from the festival of the flower, in July Luminaria festival is held, when the stairs are decorated with 4000 handmade lanterns made by the local artists.



The lanterns are made by special translucent paper in which the artists put ceramic lamp with wick, and after the lamps are filled with olive oil which gives pleasant aroma. In order to surprise the audience, the design of the decoration is kept in secret up until the opening of the festival.

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