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The Feudal Tower in Skopje

In the city center of Skopje, behind Mother Teresa’s Memorial House, the Feudal Tower is located.

Feudal Tower
In the past, during the rule of the Ottoman Empire, the territory of the City was divided between several Beys. The place, were the tower was built, belonged to Imer-Bey.

The whole social live was going on around it. On this place small houses were built and inhabited by people who worked on the property of the Bey. Also the cattle’s was kept and agricultural products collected.

Back in the 1990`s some of the people who were born here, narrated that behind the Tower was a beautiful fountain, shrine, as well very interesting market place were people were selling products made of straw.

After Turks left Skopje, some of the workers went to live in houses that were built around the Tower.

It is assumed that the Tower was built in the 17th or 18th century.
The Tower has a square base with three floors that are connected with stone stairs. It is built with blocks of processed limestone.
There was only one entrance from its north side.
On the first and second floor fireplaces were built in the walls, so the Tower was heated during the cold periods. The heating of the third floor was only through the chimneys, which passed through the room.

This Tower had a dual purpose: for living and for defense.
Due to the defensive character, the ground floor has armholes for rifles and few windows, while on the third floor has balconies made of wood construction.
In the Tower the guards of Bey were placed.

So, if you visit the Memorial House of Mother Teresa, take a few moments, hop up and peek behind it, where the Feudal Towersilently stands up in its new environment and keeping stories of a past time between its walls, welcomes you.

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