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Step inside the Biggest Shopping Mall on the Planet

Fascinating, exciting, cosmopolitan….


Dubai is a place of a rich mix of old and new, where you will experience the unexpected.
After Sheikh Maktoum decided to invest his money earned from oil business in development of the tourism, Dubai became the most famous of all 7 Emirates.


Today, Dubai is experiencing incredible progress so that today, thanks to the famous and beautiful Jumeirah Beach, numerous shopping centers, authentic Arab bazaars, modern super skyscrapers and luxury hotels, we can say that it is a true tourist oasis in the middle of the Arab desert.

Surely you’ve heard about the world’s tallest hotel, the tallest building in the world or the huge island “map of the world”? Imagine dinner at the most expensive hotel in the world and a while later being part of the culture of the Bedouins in the desert, or a romantic dinner by the Dubai channel.

Here you will find the biggest mall in the world.
Located in the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, “Dubai Mall” is a real paradise for those who are addicted to shopping. Namely, it is the largest mall in the world.


So if visitors want to see it all, they will need a few days walking around the mall.
The incredible “Dubai Mall” was opened in 2008, and currently houses more than 1.200 shops that have the most exclusive and modern brands, the largest candy store in the world, elite restaurants, cinema, theater and skating rink, and a beautiful huge aquarium.


Quite predictably, “Dubai Mall” is one of the world’s most visited shopping destinations. In 2012, the mall was visited by more than 65 million people.


In addition, you can see what it looks like to be in the biggest and luxurious “Dubai Mall”.

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