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The Power of Love

As we all know, the love is the strongest force in the world. Every men and women in their life felt the tickling feeling of butterflies in their stomach, felt flying between the clouds, or just couldn`t sleep at night, as Dr.Seuss said: because your reality is finally better than your dreams.

Sometimes love last forever sometime just fade away, but we always fight for her.

Love, trough the history has inspired people to create types of art: poems, paintings, song, plays, even war were fought for love. Some of them just went one step further; they built castles and temples for their love ones.

Here are the most amazing buildings built by people who deeply felt The Power of Love!!!

Introducing Kapan Han in Skopje, Macedonia

Stairs to Heaven

Once you pass the Stone Bridge, newly build square with couple fountains, the St. Demetrius Church and Daut Pasha Hammam, you will enter the Old Bazaar.

About the Water (Suli) Han in Skopje, Macedonia

Today, the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Museum of the Old Town (which is part of the City Museum), are housed in Suli Han.

This Han is located in the Old Town, a few meters from Cifte Hammam and Sultan Murat Mosque.

Suli Han entrance

Built in the first half of the 15th Century by Ishak Bey, along with Cifte Hammam and Sultan Murat Mosque, was part of an urban complex, generally characteristic for cities in the Ottoman Empire.

After Skopje was conquered by the Ottomans, the city, of its initial stagnation began to grow rapidly.

Exciting Bezisten in Skopje, Macedonia

The name Bezisten comes from the Arabic word” bezz” (canvas) meaning covered market and from the Persian word “i stan” meaning selling point.

Entrance in Bezisten

It was designed exclusively for selling canvas. As the years passed by, the covered market began to sell other goods. Those who worked here were very much appreciated.

Discover The Cifte Hammam in Skopje, Macedonia

Cifte Hammam is another historical monument from the Ottoman period in Macedonia.

Chifte Hammam,Skopje

The Hammam is located in the heart of the Old Bazaar in Skopje, between Suli An and Sultan Murat Mosque.

It was built in the middle of the 15th century by Isa Bey.
Together with Sultan Murat Mosque, Suli An and Allaja Mosque they represented one big complex.