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Stunning, A New Island Apperas in Arabic Sea

Pakistani government released the first images that show how close look of the mysterious island that emerged after the devastating earthquake that hit the country.


On Tuesday 24.09.2013 a southwestern part of Pakistan was struck by a massive earthquake. More than 210 people were killed.

At the same time a new Island occurred in the Arabic Sea, a half mile from Pakistani Gvadar port. The Island can be seen from the shore and it is about nine meters high and 100 meters long.

Seismologists believe that the island was temporarily formed by volcanic mud, sand and water. This phenomenon is nothing strange to the science and it appears when an area is hit by strong earthquake (at least 7-8 magnitude trembles) so that the landscape can be changed.

These claims of seismologists are confirmed by older citizens of Gvadar port, which recalls that the area in 1968 was hit by a powerful earthquake and then an island appeared out of nowhere, which remained about one year period and then disappeared again.

The same phenomenon happened in India, New Zealand and Saint Andreas.

Take a look on new Island before vanishes into the depth of Arabic Sea.

Fuji a Mountain that gives eternal life

Fuji Mountain is a part of Fuji Hakone Izu National Park and it is located 100 km from Tokyo. The name derives from Ainu language and it means eternal life. This mountain is known as The Holly Mountain of Japan.


The Han that will leave you Breathless

Kursumli Han by night

Kursumli Han is a cultural monument located on the left side of the river Vardar, once you cross the Stone Bridge in the old part of the city.

Specifically, it is located under Mustafa Pasha Mosque, a few meters away from the Museum of Macedonia.

In my opinion, this is the most beautiful Han that is saved today, besides the other two (Suli Han and Kapan Han).

The Island of Sirens


Everybody says to spend some time on an island is unusual and beautiful experience. But, if you stay in the northern and greenest Greek island – Thasos, then that experience is more intense.


Green Island, or “Island of Sirens” as it was called in the Greek mythology, today is one of the most visited Greek islands. Breathtaking natural beauty, beautiful beaches, hidden hollows, pine forests and lush vegetation that descends to the sea, makes the island to look like a “floating forest”.

The specific and alive relief is characterized through the various banks and high mountain peaks that reach over 1000 meters above the sea. This island is offering to the guests the opportunity to enjoy very relaxed holiday. For those who are looking for intense night parties, there are great places to go.

A peace of heaven on earth, Cave Alilica, Macedonia

In the western part of Macedonia is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country.
Amazing natural beauty, cultural and historical monuments, beautiful villages, places with a long and rich history. Would last for days if I try to describe what can you see here, but I will say, this area is a small piece of paradise.

Mountain around Tresonce