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Most Beautiful Active Volcanoes in the World

Mount Etna, Sicily, Italy

Etna is the highest volcano in Europe and as noted in the last 2500 years, it is almost constantly active. It is approximately 2.5 million years old.
Etna although is not considered to be particularly explosive volcano, sometimes its explosions can be spectacular.
The largest and best-known eruption of this volcano was in 1669 and lasted 122 days.
Earthquakes made 12 km wide crack, from which river of lava overflew and destroyed nearby villages.
In 1986 and eruption threw lava up to 1.6 km in height.
To the top of Etna there are areas covered with hardened lava and ashes, and usually they are under snow. The fertile slopes are used for agriculture.
The most remarkable eruptions were in 2001 and 2003. The last eruption that happened a few months ago – 17/11/2013, again turned the attention of the world public on this volcano.

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