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Most Beautiful Active Volcanoes in the World

Mount Erebus, Antarctica

Erebus is the southern most active volcano in the world. It rises above the McMurdo bay and it is one of three large volcanoes on the Ross Island on Antarctica. Erebus is one of the most magnificent volcanoes in the world, occupying an area of 1700 km3.
The crater located on the top is 600 m wide and 110m deep. It is unusual because its bottom is a lake of lava. The eruption of the volcano covered it with ice and for the first time it was found by the researcher Captain James Clark Ross in 1841.
Sulfur dioxide discharged from this volcano is constantly measured.
The activity of the lava lake is continuous and it is expressed in the form of smaller explosions.
The volcano got its name from the Captain Ross’s ship, called “Erebus”.

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