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Most Beautiful Active Volcanoes in the World

Stromboli Volcano, Italy

The volcano is located on the island of Stromboli, which it is a part of Aeolian Islands, located in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea, near Sicily.
Stromboli is an active volcano, which has a constant activity over 2000 years. Every fifteen minutes an explosion is heard, or the sky above is just getting red. Sometimes you can see flying stones thrown from the volcano (this stones are called bombs from residents of this island).
Large eruptions of the volcano have been recorded in 1919 and 1930. After the great eruption in 1930, in which there were many casualties, Stromboli remained without its inhabitants.
It took over 10 years, for first 20 people to return back. Today on the island live 450 people.
The last recorded eruption occurred in 2009.
In the past, the island was known for producing obsidian-volcanic glass which was used for making tools and weapons.
Today, some people know this island as Stromboli – The Earth of Gods, because here in 1949 the famous Italian director Roberto Rossellini filmed his movie “Stromboli” with Ingrid Bergman in a Leading Role.

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