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Mind-Blowing Vacation

Welcome to the Republic of Macedonia!

Republic of Macedonia is located in southeastern Europe, in the central part of Balkan Peninsula.
The country is bordered with Serbia to the north, Kosovo to the northwest, Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south and Albania to the west.

Map of Macedonia

The capital city is Skopje and this could be your starting point from were you can start
Exploring Macedonia.

Of course, you will have to spent couple of days sightseeing the city. You can just walk through the city, visiting galleries, museums, restaurants, café bars, or take time to visit the archaeological sites, churches, monasteries, Canyon Matka which are in the surroundings of the city. You don’t have to worry because all of them are close to the city, by car 10-15 minutes or you can use public transport.

Sv Bogodorica
You can continue your journey going to the West part of Macedonia.

Traveling, you will pass couple of cities like Tetovo, Gostivar, Kicevo, Debar, Struga and Ohrid.
Believe me when I say, in these cities there are many interesting things to see, so, take your time.

While you are in this region it would be a benefit for you to visit the National Park Mavrovo.
Leaving Mavrovo and beautiful villages from this region, you will continue your journey to the two breathtaking cities: Struga and Ohrid.
Here you will not be bored for weeks.

Црква Јован Канео

After enjoying on the beaches of Ohrid Lake, you can continue traveling crossing Galicica Mountain, which divides the Ohrid region from still undiscovered region of Prespa.

Believe me when I say Prespa is amazing region where you can have excellent night parties, lying on beautiful sand beaches of Prespa Lake or you can have a peaceful vacation.

Leaving Prespa you can stop in Bitola a magical town, known for its night life, restaurants, monuments and National Park Pelister with his two lakes known as The Pelister eyes.

PrespaBefore you continue to the South part of Macedonia, you have to visit the city Prilep, known for his cultural heritage but also and for its Festivals.

Yes, in the Southern part known for his Mediterranean climate, there is another lake, Dojran Lake. This is also a region with couple of wineries where you can taste different types of Macedonian wines.

Eastern part of Macedonia is famous for his amazing natural beauty and cultural heritage.

After the long walk trough beautiful landscape and visiting archaeological sites, you can visit some of the festivals organized in Strumica, Stip, Vinica, Berovo, where you can enjoy Macedonian traditional cuisine.

Southeast from Skopje is region rich with beautiful passages, rivers, springs, mountains, prehistoric observatories, ethno villages and cities.

Kumanovo, city of intertwined cultures, religions and traditions.
Kratovo, town of towers and bridges.

And finally the last, but not less attractive Central part of Macedonia, represented by cities who are famous for their cuisine (Veles), and wine and rakija making tradition (Kavadarci and Negotino).

And now, having toured the country with words, are YOU ready to start your Mind-Blowing Vacation?

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