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Introducing Mother Teresa Memorial House

In an honor of one of the greatest humanitarians as well as Nobel Prize winner, in Skopje on 30 January 2009 was opened a Memorial House dedicated to Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa Memorial H

Why in Skopje, Macedonia?

Skopje is her hometown. Her house was located in a place where today is located the town square. Here she lived up to her 18, when she left home and joined the order of the Sisters of Loreto, as a missionary.

The Memorial House is located on the most famous pedestrian street in Skopje, Macedonia Street.

The place where it is built is not randomly selected. Right here, the old Catholic Church “Sacred Heart of Jesus” used to stand. But, in 1963 the church was destroyed by a catastrophic earthquake that struck Skopje. In this church, Mother Teresa was baptized on 27.08.1910 one day after her birth.

The Memorial house is a work of the architect Vangel Bozinovski, who said: “The Home is designed as a sculpture-symbol of growth of the Blessed, from an ordinary girl from Skopje to a spiritual size of Mother Teresa”.

In front of the Memorial House there are 4 hills made of rocks from which the water surges (symbolically represented four rivers in the Garden of Eden).

Behind them, is a fence made of stone and wooden door – feature of the architecture of Skopje from the beginning of the 20th century. The two rocks that are placed here associates a place for a meeting with neighbors at the gate.

Once you pass the gate, the Home of Mother Teresa welcomes you and it is composed of three parts:

1. Amphitheater,
2. Gallery and
3. Chapel.

The Amphitheater is located in the basement, designed as a multimedia center, in which the exhibitions, promotions and projections are held.

At the ground floor the well is built, who symbolizes not only the symbol of life, but is also an essential element in the Macedonian city house, in the last century.
It ends up in the basement amphitheater and there is transformed into an aquarium which houses 87 gold fish, each symbolizing a year of her life.

Opposite the well, there is a small but beautiful and well equipped souvenir shop that has variety of items to be bought.

The Gallery, which can be reached by stairs, is located on the first floor and it is created as room characteristic for Macedonian house from the beginning of 20th century.

On the walls, photographs of old Skopje during the Ottoman Empire are placed in order to capture the atmosphere of the time when the Blessed was born.

In the Memorial House are especially proud of several items with utmost importance:

Mother Theresa Sari
Sari is a traditional uniform of the order of the Sisters of Charity. It is white with blue stripes. Today the saris in India are made by people that are suffering from leprosy, who are placed in houses that belong to the order of the Sisters. It is this uniform that is a symbol of love and gratitude.

Necklace from Sister Nirmala
Sister Nirmala is the successor of Mother Teresa. The necklace was given as a gift to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia – Antonio Miloshoski during his visit of Calcutta in January 2009.

Mother Theresa hand-written prayer book</em>
This hand-written prayer book, as well as other documents that are part of the permanent exhibition, are gift from the Missionaries of Charity from Rome.

Relic of Mother Teresa
The relic (blood of Mother Theresa)of the Blessed is held in the Catholic Church in Skopje, and is exposed in the Chapel of the Memorial House during important dates.

Above the gallery there is a small Chapel, where the service on Sunday’s is held by Priests from Catholic Church, and every Wednesday Sisters of Mother Teresa’s order are having prayer.

The walls are made of glass, and on the outside of the glass is an ornament made of iron.
The form of this construction, reminds of the technique of filigree.
This technique was primarily business of Bojadziu family.
Actually, this ornament pays tribute to her family. This little Chapel ends with a dome.

On the facade of the Memorial House are presented pigeons and fish,symbols that mark Christianity. The color of the facade is blue and white, colors taken from the uniform of the Sisters of Charity.

Macedonia is the only country in the world in which a Memorial House is built dedicated to Mother Teresa.

Only in Calcutta we can find documents and photographs displayed in a separate room that belongs to the Blessed.

Fusion of several styles of the construction of the Memorial House caused controversy and opposing opinions.
The author stated that he managed to create building that corresponds with its environment and where profane architecture is transformed into a prayer space.

What do you think? Has he successfully managed to realize his idea?

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