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Introducing Kapan Han in Skopje, Macedonia

Stairs to Heaven

Once you pass the Stone Bridge, newly build square with couple fountains, the St. Demetrius Church and Daut Pasha Hammam, you will enter the Old Bazaar.

In front of you beautiful scenery will be opened, small curved streets with shops arranged side by side, you will smell a tickling odor from small restaurants placed on every corner in the Bazaar.

After you enter in this beautiful complex of amazing buildings dating back to the 15th century, the narrow street will take you to the small square with fountain, a big tree (everybody says this is one of the oldest tree in Skopje), two small restaurants and between them a stairs that will lead you to the Kapan Han yard.

Kapan Han yard

Kapan Han is another magnificent building dated from the Ottoman period, located in the Old Bazaar.
It was built in the second half of 15thcentury by the famous Turkish military commander Isa Bey.

This Han was built as a motel to accommodate travelers and merchants from all over the world.

The name of this beautiful building derives from the Arabic word “Kabban”, which concern to a big public weight (Libra) that was used for measuring goods brought here by merchants with their caravans.

It was built of stone and brick, with architectural concept characteristic of the 15th century.

Kapan Han 1st floor

Kapan Han had a square yard with a beautiful fountain, stable for animals (horses and camels) ground and one floor. The ground floor was used as a warehouse where goods were stored and there were 20 rooms. The first floor had 24 rooms where guests were accommodated.

Like many other buildings in the Old Bazaar, Kapan Han suffered numerous damages during its existence: the earthquakes in 1555 and 1963 and the Great Fire of 1689.

This Han worked until the beginning of the Second World War. After the War, the ground floor was used as storage space and the first floor was given to some people for leaving.

Kapan Han room on ground floor

So, if you are in Skopje you must visit the Old Bazaar and also take time to find this amazing Han, a hidden peacefully and tranquil oasis in the hearth of the dynamic Old Bazaar.

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