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Hidden Beauty, Galishka Cave, Macedonia

The story of the Cave Galishka will begin with the “most beautiful one“.

Galishka Cave

The Cav
e is located 8 km east from Tikves Lake, so you will have to cross the Lake, master a few bare hills and finally, walk on a steep and prickly terrain to get to it.

Nature perfectly protects this cave from looters and gold hunters, by surrounding it with thorns. Few of those hunters managed to enter inside the cave searching for hidden treasure. Luckily they didn`t destroyed the beautiful decorations.

You can enter the cave with a rope, climbing down the 15 meter vertical hole. Down there you will have to pass through narrow entrance and the hidden beauty will stun you.

It is a small cave, but rich with diverse cave decorations. It has several halls. The first hall immediately starts with beautiful decorations that are specific for their round shape. This form of decoration is not found in other caves.

The second hall has a lake, and in the third there is so called dry waterfall and on the walls are visible concentric limestone circles which testify about the water level in the past.

On the floor there are many water cascades (little tubs filled with water).

Galishka Cave is active one, which means that the process of creating cave decorations is still ongoing. According to the latest research of some French speleologists, Galishka Cave is more than five million years old.

Therefore, according to speleologists, the Cave should be declared as natural rarity in Macedonia and even to be put under the protection of UNESCO.

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