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Fuji a Mountain that gives eternal life

Fuji Mountain is a part of Fuji Hakone Izu National Park and it is located 100 km from Tokyo. The name derives from Ainu language and it means eternal life. This mountain is known as The Holly Mountain of Japan.


Japanese people love to call their volcanic mountain: Fuji – San. Today, it is extinct volcano, but scientists are warning that it is only sleeping. The last eruption was in 1707.

During the whole season the peak of the mountain is covered with snow and ice, and if the weather is clear it can be seen even from Tokyo.

The main season for hiking is during the summer period. Thousands of people climb up to the top, and here welcoming the dawn. At the evening the lights of their torches seems like a river of lava. During this period, all 17 tourist cabins work for accommodation and if you like to oversleep there, you will have to make a reservation few months before because of the great interest of people.

Hiking to the top is divided in couple of stages. Sometimes hiking to reach the mountain peak is approximately 12 hours. Tourists usually use transport – buses to the fifth station, where the road ends and they continue walking from there to the top.

Many painters used Fuji Mountain as a theme for their paintings. The oldest preserved drawing dates from 11th century and one of the most famous works is: 36 views of Mount Fiji from the famous artist – Hokusai.

Just like in the past, today the mountain enchanted with its beauty.

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