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Fascinating Ice Cave

One of the most captivating rocky regions in the Republic of Macedonia is in the Municipality of Sopiste near the city of Skopje.

In this area, the members of the Speleological Society Peoni found and examined twenty speleological objects. Some of them are particularly important natural rarities and deserve to be protected.

Icy ornaments

One of these rarities is the Ice Cave, which is located in the vicinity of village Breznica, just one hour easy walk from the village to the area called Durli Bunari

The cave is in a form of boot and has two vertical entrances at 993 meters above sea level.

In the winter, because of air flows which are a consequence of the shape of the cave, on the ceiling and the floor appear fascinating icy decorations. Then the cave becomes a real icy beauty due to which it got its name.
These icy ornaments exist in the cave even when outside the temperature is high.
The most interesting fact for this cave is the mineral phenomenon, so called: calcite crystals that are highly transparent.

Inside the Cave

Throughout the year, the combination of the calcite crystal forms and the ice decorations makes this cave more attractive to all visitors that appreciate nature and caves.

This Cave is the only Ice Cave discovered so far in the Republic of Macedonia.

Durli Bunari – the area around the cave, is famous for few preserved handmade wells.
These wells were built by local people during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. The area has a lack of water resources, so during the winter period they filled the wells with snow so that they could use the water during the dry season. Some of them used this water for their cattle’s.

These wells were only made of stones and clay.

Well in Durli BunarNear the wells dozen huts were built where the local population stayed during the summer period, because it was easier for them to cultivate the land.
When people ceased to cultivate the land, they stopped to visit huts also, and over time they began to collapse (roof structure first, then the walls).

The Ice Cave, the wells and all the natural beauty in this area deserves one natural well maintained road that will connect all of them and create unique experience for all the visitors to come.

Aiming to popularize and bring it closer to the general public, Speleological Society “Peoni” organized a series of presentations and donor promotions in order to raise money to build a path to the cave, which would make this region more accessible and popularized.

The members of the Speleological Society “Peoni” said that the proposed route would be circular and will cover the visit of the cave, wells and return to the village through the gorge from where a beautiful panorama opens.

“This project will provide editing the cave, placing information boards about the contents of this space, training guides, printing promotional material, making 3D animation of the cave, restoration of one of the wells and covering of all remaining wells, restoration of a hut with stone, mud and straw and building a small wooden house in the village which would be used for informative post” – said Sanja Gjorgjevic vice president of “Peoni”.

“We are making efforts to arrange as much caves as we can so they could be visited by many tourists and allow people to enjoy natural beauty” – said I.Zhezhovski president of the Speleological Society “Peoni”.

Their activities and dedication made new recreational area in the outskirts of Skopje.

The uniqueness of this area as well the convenience of been on very short distance from Skopje, made easy access for the tourists and create conditions for different types of sports like hiking, mountain biking etc.

If you are in Skopje use this opportunity to visit this region. Along a path that leads through meadows and forests you will find untouched wild nature with diverse flora and fauna and at the end will lead you to the Fascinating Ice Cave.

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