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Exclusive Look of Cave Vrelo in Macedonia(Canyon Matka)

Only 15 km from the capital city of Macedonia, Skopje, in the Speleological Park Jovica Grozdanovski located in Canyon Matka, there are several beautiful caves of which the most famous one is Cave Vrelo.


Vrelo consist of two caves, one is underwater and the other one is above the water, and is the first cave in Macedonia which is open for public and arranged for tourists. There are appropriate path and lighting, so it is accessible for everyone.

For several years has been a subject of great interest to the public because of the activities of international diving expeditions in cooperation with Macedonian speleo-diving Club Vrelo.

Researches of this Cave started back in 1995 and continued in year 2000, when it was entered horizontally for 550 meters and vertically to 67 meters.

During the construction of road for HPP (Hydropower Plant) Sveta Petka, and above all, due to negligence of workers, the entrance of the Cave was completely closed with enormous quantity of soil.

Because it is a spring, the water naturally cleared the entrance.
The next expedition was in 2007 when the aperture was expended allowing the divers to enter inside.

In 2008 divers manage to enter 98 meters vertically.

Another expedition was organized in August 2009, when it was reached the depth of 190 meters and 574 meters horizontally.

The actual Turning point was the researches that begun in 2010 when the International team of divers reached 2012.

Vrelo Lake

The chief of team was world known Italian diver Luiggi Casatti.

Luiggi was thrilled and overwhelmed with this achievement. He couldn’t express his feelings, but he managed to give vivid review about the Cave:

“When I was diving to a depth of 203 meters, actually a have passed 590 meters of which 150 meters vertically.

The cave goes down and up, there are great galleries were you can not see the walls.

Furthermore everything narrows into a narrow channel, barely a few meters wide, or less. It is fascinating, and sometimes do not know what is up and what is down.” clearly explains Casatti.

He says, he didn’t notice some visible underground world, except bats, on one part were cave goes up on a dry land.
But he doesn’t exclude the possibility to have some microbial world, which requires special and long-term researches.

On 212 meters, Casatti noticed that the cave is divided into two parts, but he didn’t continued because diving was suddenly interrupted for technical reasons, because of damage on main battery.

Cave Vrelo with its depth takes second place in Europe and first in Balkan Peninsula.

While everybody was talking about records, the modest Luiggi was more interested in telling stories about beauty of caves, and he replied:

“Personally, I’m not interested in records; I want to dive and to enjoy exploring hidden beauties of caves”.

Cave Vrelo was nominated in the selection of one of the Seven Wonders of the World in the category of canyons and rocky areas.

This nomination placed Vrelo among the 77 most attractive natural beauties.

Do you think it is worthwhile to visit this pearl among caves?

2 Responses to Exclusive Look of Cave Vrelo in Macedonia(Canyon Matka)

  1. The best experience ever:)

  2. Kris Petrevski says:

    It’s on my To Do List the next time I go to Macedonia.

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