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Discover The Cifte Hammam in Skopje, Macedonia

Cifte Hammam is another historical monument from the Ottoman period in Macedonia.

Chifte Hammam,Skopje

The Hammam is located in the heart of the Old Bazaar in Skopje, between Suli An and Sultan Murat Mosque.

It was built in the middle of the 15th century by Isa Bey.
Together with Sultan Murat Mosque, Suli An and Allaja Mosque they represented one big complex.

Cifte Hammam was the second largest Hammam in Skopje when it was built, and as the travel writers used to say this is more beautiful than the other one, and here even the air smells better.

This Hammam is double bath type, and even its name speaks about its function (Cifte on Turkish means two or couple).

From the outside it looks like one building, but from the inside the interior was divided into two parts, for usage of men and women, of course with a separate entrance.

Cifte Hammam is consisted with all premises that one Hammam should have, as follows:undressing room, rest room, heated room from where guests were entering into the main premises for bathing.

It is interesting to mention that there was a separate area in which the Jews exercised their ritual bathing.
Central areas were covered with large domes and other rooms with domes with smaller dimension.

The Hammam Dome

The light for the Hammam was provided through openings placed on the domes and through windows that were placed under the domes.

Looking at the preserved decorative ornaments with stylized geometric and botanical ornaments set under the dome we can only imagine about the great beauty of this Hammam.
During its decades of existence, the Hammam suffered damages from natural disasters (earthquakes in 1555 and 1963) and the wars (17th century Austro-Turkish War, World War I and World War II).

Interior of Hammam

Fortunately, because of its solid construction it managed to survive and overcome challenges.
After the earthquake in 1963 the Hamamm suffered serious damages and conservation was conducted. During its existence the Hammam has retained its original appearance.
An interesting fact is that the Hammam actively worked up until 1916.
Over the years its purpose has changed: from beautiful Hammam, through warehouse to today’s National Gallery of Macedonia.

Just like in the past, today is surrounded by shops where you can buy handmade souvenirs.
In front of Hammam there is a coffee bar, sit down, close your eyes and listen!!!

Sounds of the Bazaar will turn you back to the time when the Public Bath had enchanted guests by its beauty.


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