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Discover The Cifte Hammam in Skopje, Macedonia

Cifte Hammam is another historical monument from the Ottoman period in Macedonia.

Chifte Hammam,Skopje

The Hammam is located in the heart of the Old Bazaar in Skopje, between Suli An and Sultan Murat Mosque.

It was built in the middle of the 15th century by Isa Bey.
Together with Sultan Murat Mosque, Suli An and Allaja Mosque they represented one big complex.

The Daut Pasha Hammam in Skopje, Macedonia

Daut Pasha Hamam, Skopje, Macedonia

One of the most preserved and most monumental building of Islamic profane architecture in Skopje is Daut Pasha Hammam. It is located in the old part of city, near Stone Bridge, built in the second half of 15th century by Daut Pasha, the great Vizier of Rumelia.

Hidden Beauty, Galishka Cave, Macedonia

The story of the Cave Galishka will begin with the “most beautiful one“.

Galishka Cave

The Cav
e is located 8 km east from Tikves Lake, so you will have to cross the Lake, master a few bare hills and finally, walk on a steep and prickly terrain to get to it.

Magnificent Old Bazaar In Skopje

Skopje`s Old Bazaar

On the left side of river Vardar, once you pass the Stone Bridge, in front of you opens a view of the Old Town of Skopje.

The Old Town or Carsija (Turkish word for marketplace) stretches from Stone Bridge to Bit – Pazar ( green market) and from Kale Fortress to the place where the monument of George Kastrioti Skenderbeg stands.

The Old Stone Bridge in Skopje

From the day when it was built, until now, the Stone Bridge endlessly performs its function.

Stone Bridge.

The Bridge is a mute witness to many historic turbulent times. Numerous conquering armies passed on its stone path, states were created and decomposed and re-created again. At certain times even its name has been changed by some of the conquerors.