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Amazing Natural Phenomenon

The Blue Eye is a water spring, a big karst hole located between the town of Saranda and Gjirokastër in Albania.

Blue Eye

It is a natural phenomenon which is generated as a result of underground water. The hole, from which the water flows out, was never fully investigated.

It has an oval shape. In the center of the hole the water is dark blue and light blue at the sides, and it looks like a human eye.

Local people are saying that the name of the spring was given by an Italian engineer who said that this phenomenon was reminding him of the eyes of His beloved one.

According to the claims of the divers, they reached 50 meters in depth, but failed to see the bottom.

Here, swimming and diving is allowed, but very few people were brave enough to enter because the temperature of the water is 10 degrees Celsius.

According to the locals, this place is a real tourist attraction. Here people gather together, throw stones in the middle of the lake and just about a few moments after, the stone appears at the surface of the water again.

So, take a deep breath and look at this unbelievable natural phenomenon.

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