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My name is Saso Gjorgjevik and I am an Archaeologist and Licensed Professional Tourist Guide. I live in Skopje, Macedonia for more than 30 years.

I graduated on Faculty of  Philosophy at the department for Ancient Archaeology in Skopje. I work as an archaeologist since 2002.

For all these years working as an archaeologist I had the opportunity to travel not only in my country, but also in Europe and the region of Balkan Peninsula.

During the year of 2010 I turned my interest to tourism and become Licensed Tour Guide.

Wanting to share my knowledge about history and tradition, I have decided to create this web site that will help you through with useful tips and advices: which places to visit, archaeological sites have to see, visit monuments from different period of time, to see national park, to learn about customs and people of the places you visit and what to expect when traveling through Europe but also through beautiful, colourfull and amazing Balkan Peninsula.

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